Avoid the Binge and Still Enjoy the Holidays

Diane and I were talking last week about being on the brink of “binge season.” You know, that time of year when all bets are off and you are welcome, if not encouraged, to put anything you want in your mouth. Yes, I love it too, but eventually January arrives and I rue the amount of cookies, cocktails, and cheese I managed to consume between November 29th and January 1st.

After giving it a bit more thought, I think I’ve honed in on my holiday weekness: the holiday party. Listed below are three tips to avoiding the holiday binge and resulting bulge. 

1. Be a Great Guest: When you arrive at a party don’t park yourself next to the buffet or the bar. Be active. Offer to help your host or hostess with preparing dishes, playing bartender or staying on top of clean up.

2. Pre-Party at Home: Don’t go to a party starving. Eat a snack before you leave home. Nuts are always a great choice.

3. Don’t over do it: One too many cocktails will lead to reduced inhibitions at the buffet and possibly a lamp-shade hat on your head.

Be sure to check in on Tuesday. We will be posting a great holiday party recipe that is delicious and figure-friendly. You’ll absolutely want this recipe for your next holiday gathering.

Eat Well!


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