Classic Sauces II-Egg-Based Sauces


In the twentieth century, legendary French Chef, Auguste Escoffier, classified the fifth and final mother sauce – hollandaise.

In this hands-on class, students will take an in-depth look at perfecting hollandaise, the additional sauces it creates, and other egg-based sauces.  Additionally we will discuss the benefits of purchasing locally grown eggs as well as conduct a butter tasting.

Successfully creating classic sauces is an art form.  Attend this class and never make hollandaise from a purchased packet again!


  • Clarified Butter
  • Hollandaise Sauce (serve with Grilled Asparagus)
  • Bearnaise Sauce (serve with Eggs San Francisco sourdough with crab and poached eggs)
  • Mayonnaise (serve as lemon, garlic and tarragon aioli)



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