Essential Techniques for Every Home Cook

Culinary-ConceptsAs the new year gets underway and those resolutions about losing weight and eating better seem a bit daunting about now, let the Salt Lake Culinary help.  Losing weight and eating better all starts in your kitchen because when you cook at home you can control the ingredients.  It also means not purchasing prepared foods containing ingredients that are not good for you.

Here are three techniques that will get you started

Learn basic knife skills.  When your chef knife is your friend, preparing dinner is much simpler.  Learning how to hold your knife and execute basic cuts will make all the difference in the world.  

Make your own chicken stock.  When you make your own chicken stock you will be amazed at the difference it makes in how your food tastes.

Roasting a chicken and making pan gravy.  I know it’s easy to pick up an already roasted chicken from any grocery store, but once you learn how simple and delicious this is you won’t go back.  Besides you will have all those tasty drippings to make gravy.

How can the Salt Lake Culinary Center help?  Check out our CULINARY CONCEPTS ONE class series.  Here you will have hands-on cooking and expert instruction for these techniques and much more!

Our New Year’s Resolution is to help YOU cook more!  Let’s get cooking.

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