Food Truck Cuisine: Asian


The food truck movement is growing by leaps and bounds in American cities.  A fairly new food phenomenon to our culture food trucks touch every possible culinary angle from traditional cuisine to the most outrageous form of fusion. In this class we will take a very specific look at Asian street food.

Students will prepare and enjoy classic food truck fare from Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Korea.  If you wish to enjoy a truly authentic street food experience there’s no need to chase your favorite mobile restaurants all over the streets of Salt Lake City.  You’ll be able to enjoy them all here at the Salt Lake Culinary Center.


  • Vietnamese Beef and Noodle Soup
  • Korean Chicken Wings with Ginger
  • Chinese dumplings with Dumpling Sauce
  • Thai Sticky Rice with Mango 
  • Singapore Salad (Sample recipe already prepared for you)



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