Junior Chef Summer Camp July 8-10 (Ages 10-14 years)


Summer is not boring at the Salt Lake Culinary Center!  Our Junior Chef Summer Camp series will motivate, challenge, and excite your junior foodie!  Campers will spend their time in our interactive, professional school kitchen learning new skills and culinary techniques while sparking their creativity.

During each three-day series, campers will create international cuisine** menus, organize shopping lists, learn proper food safety and handling, basic knife skills, how to set a table and properly serve.  Campers will also learn how to fully plan and prepare an entire meal including appetizer, salad, entree dessert, and beverage.

Our Junior Chefs Summer Camp series are designed as a complete hands-on cooking experience.  Your junior chef will not only learn valuable kitchen skills, the importance of making healthy food choices, but will also gain confidence while creating a delicious summer memory to share with family and friends all year long.

If your child loves to cook, we would love to be part of their culinary journey.

**Cuisine choices include:  American, Asian, Italian, Mexican

Day 1:  Learning their way around the kitchen, practice basic knife skills, culinary skills. Prepare their lunch.  Today they will choose the cuisine and menus for the next two days of camp and prepare the shopping list for our Kitchen Manager.

Day 2: Prep for upcoming meals.  Mise en place menu for Day 3 group luncheon event including make ahead appetizers and desserts.  Prepare and eat lunch.

Day 3:  Prep and set up for the group luncheon event*, prepare entree, serve lunch, and clean up.  *Each camper is encouraged to invite two adult guests to the Day 3 group luncheon event at 2:00 pm.

 Cost per child, per three-day camp includes professional culinary instructor, all food, an apron, whisk, bench scraper and a stainless steel bowl.



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