The Science of Cooking


The Science of Cooking: Sensation, Perception, Indian Spices, and Herbs

Join us as we explore the science underlying cooking, eating, and enjoying food.  In this class we’ll explore the genetics, neuroscience, and psychology of sensation and perception using Indian spices, herbs, and dishes.  In the midst of all the cooking, we’ll test your perceptual abilities and anatomical and genetic differences.

Get a closer look at what your tongue is made up of; learn about your own genetic profile; get the real story about how smell and taste (and touch, sight, and sound) work together to make an extraordinary dish.

MENU: Tasting

  • Garam masala
  • Indian-style red lentil soup with coconut
  • Spiced rice pilaf with dates and parsley
  • Fresh herb yogurt sauce
  • Pot-roasted chicken with Indian spices

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