Turkey Wine Continued…

By now you’re likely finished with all your pre-Thanksgiving food shopping. If you’re still scratching your head over what wine to serve with Thursday’s feast here are a few more suggestions. 

In my last post I suggested Beaujolais Nouveau due to the wine’s lighter body and clean acidity. I believe these two characteristics are exactly what you want for turkey day; lighter bodied, not too heavy or oaky, with a good amount of acid. For red wine I would recommend Pinot Noir, the aforementioned Beaujolais Nouveau, Gamay or Dolcetto. In a white wine you are looking for the same basic components. I usually serve a Pinot Blanc, Chennin Blanc, Viognier or a Dry Riesling.

Whatever you choose, most importantly, serve somthing you will enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

-Chef Mollie Snider

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